• Adventure Hokkaido

    Adventure Hokkaido

    Adventure Hokkaido is a tour operator founded by a group of the local nature guides with over 10 years of experience. We set out to create this company with the goal of sharing specialised Hokkaido active holidays with international travellers. We provide the opportunity to experience Hokkaido’s hiking, cycling, snow activities and more. The duration…

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  • Bouken Kazoku

    Bouken Kazoku

    We use a renovated elementary school for some of our programs. The classrooms are converted into an accommodation facility including a restaurant, a gym, fireplace, and an old-fashioned hot bathtub (Goemon Buro, the bathtub is heated with fire directly underneath). You can experience real country life in our facility.

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  • Nature Designing

    Nature Designing

    We live and work in the lovely town of Hidaka of the Hidaka subprefecture, Hokkaido. The town of Hidaka is surrounded by the great Hidaka mountain range and the ceaseless, clear stream of Sarugawa River flows through the area. Besides nature activities, we at Nature Designing also love to provide chances for interaction with the…

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  • Ocean Days

    Ocean Days

    At Ocean Days, our mission is to share the true nature of Hokkaido with you. And we are working to pass on the beautiful and precious nature to the next generation.

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  • Hokkaido Outdoor Adventures

    Hokkaido Outdoor Adventures

    Here at the foot of the Hidakasanmyaku Mountains, this is no sightseeing place… this is the absolute heart of nature! Come and experience nature’s unspoiled playground!

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  • Discoveries


    The magnificent nature is definitely one of the best things in Hokkaido. I want you to get a chance to know the wilderness on a deeper level in all its beauty, including all the fun and even its fierce side! We are giving you order-made experiences, something special that just cannot be get on your…

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  • Miura Yuichiro & Snow Dolphin Ski School

    Miura Yuichiro & Snow Dolphin Ski School

    “Let’s dream a great dream!” Our knowledgeable staff believes that the key to becoming an excellent skier lies in first discovering the fun of the sport! Our instruction methods focus on freedom and safety.

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  • Toro Nature Center

    Toro Nature Center

    Deep emotions, excitement and lasting impressions! Words can’t describe the beauty of these spectacular natural wetlands. Come and feel for yourself the beauty and wonder of the natural surroundings found in the Kushiro wetlands!

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  • Toya Guide Center

    Toya Guide Center

    With canoeing, trekking, photo tours and snowshoe tours, we guide you in all seasons through the Lake Toya area and show you the best natural spots!  

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  • Urespa Furano

    Urespa Furano

    Organizing Furano locals’ lifestyle experience and Furano’s agricultural tourism experience Eco tours. Also, support your special experience for your unforgettable heartwarming memory of your holiday in Furano.

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