The magnificent nature is definitely one of the best things in Hokkaido. I want you to get a chance to know the wilderness on a deeper level in all its beauty, including all the fun and even its fierce side! We are giving you order-made experiences, something special that just cannot be get on your basic tourist packages

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    Sea Kayak and Hiking Tour: A Day Full of Adventures and Outstanding Landscapes

    This is a special, from the sea level up to the mountains scenery tour, created by a guide who is both a real outdoors all-rounder and quite a sea kayak specialist – He even builds kayaks himself!

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    Like a Deserted Island: One Night, Two Days Sea Kayak Camping Journey to a Private Beach

    Let’s pack our back bags and head to the open sea (You don’t have to think what to take with you to a Desert Island. There is a list.)
    The destination is a small shore, surrounded by cliffs, but to get there we must first make our way through the waves…