Bouken Kazoku

We use a renovated elementary school for some of our programs. The classrooms are converted into an accommodation facility including a restaurant, a gym, fireplace, and an old-fashioned hot bathtub (Goemon Buro, the bathtub is heated with fire directly underneath). You can experience real country life in our facility.

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    Learn to Live Self-sufficiently from the Great Nature Master. A One Day Adventure

    Let me guide you through a nature experience and a life lesson that stays with you. I know can take a lot of courage to spread your wings and to have an adventure when it comes to your personal life, but with just a tiny bit of courage, an adventure in nature can turn into something big and meaningful.

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    Play with snow to your heart's content! - Make a snow hut and jump into snow!

    Pile up snow and make a snow hut and turn it into a fantastic space with candles. Play with snow next to your snow hut!

    Get away from the material world and experience a priceless time in the outdoors.
    Find the true joy of life in the quiet of nature and unwind.

    We welcome you all, hoping that this experience will enrich your life in a unique and incomparable way. The time you spend here will refresh you and give you unforgettable memories.