Hokkaido Outdoor Adventures

Here at the foot of the Hidakasanmyaku Mountains, this is no sightseeing place… this is the absolute heart of nature! Come and experience nature’s unspoiled playground!

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    Canyoning at the foot of the Hidaka Mountain Range - Let's Play in the River!

    This is the summer fun that the Hidaka area has to offer, HOA style! Our canyoning program is recommended for everyone including first timers.

    “What a beautiful place,” was the first impression of this town, located amidst the mountains of the Hidaka Range. There may be nothing, but there is the great outdoors where you can enjoy top-notch rafting, kayaking, and mountaineering. That is how it got us started in 1997. Stationed in the woody former school building, in the quiet flow of time of the area, you will see the heartwarming beauty for yourself. You can even hang out with staff and light up the grill to enjoy yourself after tour.