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    Rice Harvesting Experience

    It is just stunning and the view is just spreading out in front of us. Rice brand is popular ‘Nanatsuboshi’. This is Hokkaido brand rice, and it has a property of Japonica rice, sticky and sweet. Harvesting will be set from the middle of September for 7 days. (subject to change due to many reasons like weather.) We would like to share joyful moments with you! Come and join us!

    September in Furano, we are welcoming harvesting season including Rice paddy. Yamabe area in Furano countryside where is located only 15 minutes driving away from Furano town. Yamabe has been known as the last frontier in Hokkaido in Meiji Era. A lot of people from Honshu Japan main island, they move here. They had Hokkaido Dreams….. Pioneers plowed wilderness, cutting trees, taking Rocks or stones, some time to be scared Brown Bears….. They never gave up to work hard every day.