Sea Kayak and Hiking Tour: A Day Full of Adventures and Outstanding Landscapes

This is a special, from the sea level up to the mountains scenery tour, created by a guide who is both a real outdoors all-rounder and quite a sea kayak specialist – He even knows how to build the kayaks!

Sea kayak is a kayak that has been specially built to stand strong wind and waves. The kayak allows you to get right into the scenery and vividly experience the movement and the depth of the waters down from the sea level. Clear, deep blue Sea of Japan opens around us and the steep cliffs rise up our heads as we paddle on by the coastline. Here you get to experience the magnificent nature that just can not be expressed by words or caught into pictures.

We can come to pick you up from your location of choice at Sapporo city or the nearby areas and then move on to Yoichi, a seaside town that is located at the base of the Shakotan peninsula, approximately an hour drive north-west from Sapporo.

First, we head out to the sea with our kayaks. Our starting point will be at a tiny shore by a small fishing harbor, far from the National Highway. We will take our kayaks to the water and let the salty waves of the Sea of Japan carry us on.

We head on to a lonely shore around 40 minutes paddle away. Steep cliffs of 100 meters rise to the sky above us. Here and there we can spot small, mysterious caves on the rock wall. It is like they are opening their mouths at us. Sometimes we might catch a glimpse of small fish swimming under the kayaks. During this relatively short trip, there are quite many things to see and appreciate.

After we have been paddling for some time, we can see in the distance the white gravel of the shore that we are heading for. The shore is surrounded from all sides by sharp cliffs. No man can enter this place from the land. It is a real private beach!

When we have landed it’s time for coffee. While I boil some water, you get to grind the beans. Coffee does not get fresher than this! This is a good chance to relax for a moment, just sitting down and enjoying the coffee or maybe having a nice chat and getting to know each other a bit. Here you can take it easy; no one judges. There is the weather to consider, but if everything goes nicely, we could maybe do some fishing from the kayaks or try out some snorkeling on the shallow waters.

For lunch we return to the town of Yoichi. After we have filled our stomachs with some nice seafood and charged our batteries it is time for some trekking!

The hike to the summit will take around an hour. If you are an experienced hiker, we could make it in around 40 minutes. Time to time the road can get kind of steep, but let’s make our way up step by step. Sunlight filtered through the green leaves playfully spots our way and between the woods, we can see the shimmering blue sea. There is no hurry.

Then finally, an astonishing scenery beyond description spreads out in front of our eyes. It is the Sea of Japan, the same sea that just some time ago was right in front of our eyes literally at the sea level. Now we get to admire the same view up from 300 meters. This is something so unimaginable that you just must experience it yourself.

From the sea level up to the mountains, a day full of adventures and spectacular views that make your soul feel at peace. This is a special tour that could only be created by someone, who truly knows Hokkaido inside out!


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    Paddling to a deserted shore

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    On shore we can enjoy some fresh coffee. The beans will be ground on the spot!

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    If we are lucky, we might even get to see a beautiful sunset.

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    We could even try out some fishing out of the kayak!