We published our first trekking program: Born from Volcanoes

One of the natural features representing Hokkaido is volcanoes. The Akan area consists of forests and lakes which were created from volcanic activity. It has some of the world’s most impressive caldera. Every time an eruption took place, the ground was covered up with volcanic ash to become new ground, where moss grew, and water was held by the moss. Plants which could survive in the volcanic soil flourished, and finally, trees grew into forests until the next eruption took place and the cycle was repeated. Forests in Akan are a testament to this practice and circle of life and this cycle has been continuing even now in a condition close to its original, natural state.
Listening to those voices from the forests, one can feel life’s fundamental truths and understand how Hokkaido people got their sense of life-and-death and how they perceive time.


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