In the second half of the 19th century, people from all over the world were allured by its abundance of natural resources and the romance of searching for an undeveloped place. They came to Hokkaido and left their footprints. With its atmosphere and climate, which resemble western countries, Hokkaido has developed as a place which makes Japanese and Westerners, besides Asian people, feel nostalgic.
Only 150 years have passed since development here started. Therefore, a rare environment appeared on this island in which convenient and modern living spaces are combined with wild scenery and and an environment which makes you imagine a more primitive time of living.
Go out of the towns and walk into the forests, wetlands and mountains right next to you -- the fantasy world which attracted Isabel Bird, a British female adventurer, who was driven by an adventurous spirit, and Helen A. Keller seeking the healing power of Hokkaido’s nature.
Walking in the wilderness, feeling the thoughts and culture created from nature; sensing it; being healed; fulfilling your intellectual interests; and thinking about the coexistence of nature and human-beings in the future — that’s Hokkaido Soft Trekking.