Presented by the locals: “Our beloved Lake Shikotsu. This is where we live!” A journey of 1 night and 2 days to the Nature and Everyday Life of Shikotsu-Tōya National Park

A special program that could only be created by someone who knows Shikotsu-Tōya National Park like the back of their hand. Let us guide you to the Nature, History and Everyday Life of our beloved Lake Shikotsu

Our family, the Itayas, owns a diving shop called Ocean Days here at Lake Shikotsu. Not a day goes by that we don’t think just how lucky we are to get to spend our days on the bank of the great Lake Shikotsu.

Lake Shikotsu is actually a caldera lake that was born together with Mount Tarumae, and here one gets to appreciate the unique nature surrounding this still active volcano. There is for instance this small valley, where lava once flowed down. In the course of time moss filled the valley and now we have a mysterious, bright green “Moss Canyon” (“Koke no kairyou”). There is also a curious, unexplored region called “Marsh of No Exit” (“Kuchinashi Numa”) …

Would you like to explore Lake Shikotsu areas, that only the local guides can enter? You get both to learn about the history and to sense the area with all your being. You will have a chance to ride a clear bottom kayak at the Lake Shikotsu waters, that have been ranked to have the best water quality in the whole of Japan for 11 years straight. We can even go fishing and grill the catch for a meal!

Actually, you could just easily spend a week here without feeling bored for a moment.

Let us let you into our everyday lives. In the evening we can have a cozy house party and enjoy some homemade cooking. We want to make you feel like you have returned to your own home; Relax and just be who you are!

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    Bright green moss has grown to fill the walls of the canyon, where lava once used to flow. It’s like the moss is trying to wrap the whole valley in its hold

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    Personally we think Mount Tarumae is the best mountain in all of Japan!

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    If diving is your passion, let us know, it is ours too! This place is our pride and joy as the owners of a diving shop.

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    Clear Bottom Kayak tour. Come to take a peek at the best water quality in all of Japan (for 11 years straight!)

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    Hi, we are the Itayas! Would you like to join us for a cozy house party?